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Heather Braden

Heather Braden

Despite once quitting the violin at the age of 4, Heather Braden has enjoyed a rewarding teaching and performing career that began in Calgary, Alberta over 20 years ago. She picked up the violin again at age 5 and has never looked back. Since then, she has graduated from Mount Royal College with a Diploma in Music Performance and later from the University of Western Ontario with both a Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Education.

Heather believes strongly in the Suzuki method and has completed numerous training courses with the Suzuki Association of the Americas. For the past two summers, she was on the faculty for the Southwestern Ontario Suzuki Institute in Waterloo. Heather has taught for the London Suzuki Parents’ Association as well as the Children’s Talent Education Centre and the Montessori School. In 1999 she found her niche teaching for the Forest City School for Talent Education.

Although Heather teaches both violin and viola, she is found most frequently performing on the viola. Over the years, she has played with many groups including Orchestra London Canada, the London Concert Players and her string trio, Festivo Strings.

Currently with a studio of over 30 students, Heather has found her passion in teaching music. In working to develop the whole person beyond her studio, she has become certified in Reiki, Healing Touch and Yoga. In her process of living, loving and learning, you may also find her snuggling with her two black cats, Shadow and Sylvester.

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